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Turfnology features The Anderson professional fertilizer products. The Anderson’s are leaders in the granular technology, product combining fertilizer with herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, and now with growth regulators. With products ranging in size from 80 SGN to 225 SGN, pre-emerges including Ronstar, Dimension, Barricade and Pendimethalin insecticides such as Talstar, Merit and Mach 1. If a professional needs it than more than likely The Anderson make it.


Along with soluable fertilizers from Plant Marvel Labrotories Turfnology also distributes Growth Products liquid fertilizer. Growth Products an innovator liquid technologies based on a short chained methylene urea molecule. Crystal clear products designed for plant safety and health. Growth Products will be the first company to release a biological fungicide “Companion” using natural occurring bacillus subtilis GB03 microbes to combat root borne diseases.

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Replenish Spec Sheets:
Replenish Min-Phos  
  Replenish 3-4-3  
  Replenish 5-4-5  
  Replenish 5-1-10  
  Replenish 10-2-5  
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